Elizabeth Olsen
Was ist Ihr Schönheits-Geheimnis?
you are complete but never finished.
-Elizabeth Olsen

Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15 lasts and feels good. I like when skin looks like skin. That's really important to me.



Elizabeth’s Favouriten

I want my
skin to feel
silky and

Whatever makes you look like you — that’s true beauty to me.

Luxe Lip Color CHF 50.00

in Neutral Rose Neutral Rose

Highlighting Powder - Pink Glow

Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick CHF 44.00

in Vanilla

Beauty P.O.V.

Elizabeth zeigt uns ihre Bobbi Brown Favoriten und Make Up-Tips - und enthüllt, was für Sie wahre Schönheit bedeutet.